Policy of ban on the use of United States dollars.

Jakarta – policy of ban on the use of United States dollars (US) in transactions in the country has been running a few months. How will the results of this policy?

Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) said Ronald Waas, the effect of policies to help the rupiah can be seen after a period of transition and adjustment by operators completed.

“Still go on, as of 1 July, the new force, so it remains to be seen. We need to talk in more detail. There are companies that must adjust first. Which is still allowed to use foreign currency, which are not,” said Ronald met at the exchange BI dime in Monas Square, Central Jakarta, Monday (07/06/2015).

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Ras Indonesia is considered beautiful by Stranger?
Ras Indonesia we call it thus. This race consists of all tribes in Indonesia such as Java, Sunda, Minang, Malay, Dayak, Bugis, Balinese, Sasak, Papua and so on. Entire tribes have an average physical equations that brown skin, small body size, small nose and black hair.
Indonesian people generally assume that a white stranger, tall, slender, sharp nose, thin lips and blonde hair more beautiful or handsome. We must begin to learn to understand the beautiful from various viewpoints.

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