Are we get the service if I rented through graha2000? what kind of services?

You will receive the service during the contract runs, whatever your problems were related to contracts and apartments inhabited we are ready to help

How much security deposit to be paid by the tenant, whether it be refundable?

security deposit is usually equal to one month’s rent, this would be refunded, the security deposit will be used to pay some bills utilites because usually delivered at a specific time each. The security deposit also can be used to replace if there is damage due to negligence of the tenant.

if there are remaining lease time, is it can sublet to a third party?

In this case the tenants should carefully read sublet clause, whether allowed or no

For KITAS purpose, whether the tenant / occupant who is registered can get a letter of domicile of the apartment that I live

If you are a foreign employee, then usually you need a certificate of domicile for KITAS purpose, i.e is a document Stating your residency address (the Building management can issue your SURAT DOMISILI).
1. Copy of Lease Agreement
2. Copy of passport and letter from your office (original)
send them to our email

If the tenant is a company, Is it possible to change who is occupy according to the needs companies?

It is better and talk about it from the beginning, and the agreement should be set in the contract