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Ras Indonesia is considered beautiful by Stranger?
Ras Indonesia we call it thus. This race consists of all tribes in Indonesia such as Java, Sunda, Minang, Malay, Dayak, Bugis, Balinese, Sasak, Papua and so on. Entire tribes have an average physical equations that brown skin, small body size, small nose and black hair.
Indonesian people generally assume that a white stranger, tall, slender, sharp nose, thin lips and blonde hair more beautiful or handsome. We must begin to learn to understand the beautiful from various viewpoints.

Apparently some people in Indonesia who in Indonesia is considered normal, according to the views of other countries even considered beautiful. And vice versa, which in Indonesia is considered beautiful, not necessarily beautiful in the eyes of strangers. Actually those predicated pretty handsome brown-skinned, small nose, black eyes, black hair. The physical characteristics possessed races Indonesia.

Skin color is more sexy Indonesian people.
Brown and tan skin is a skin color that is typical of our own race and very reflective of Indonesia. In Europe and America brown skin is considered more sexy. In Europe and America many people are deliberately made to go sunbathing brown skin. US-European in many indoor tanning salon. According to wikipedia there are 30 million US white women customers 50 Thousand indoor tanning salon with market value of Rp. 50 Trillion a year.

We as a race Indonesia, created by the dominant skin pigment is pigment eumelanin (the pigment that causes the skin to brown to black) and the pigment carotene (the cause of yellow color), so the majority of the Indonesian people have brown skin and olive. Indonesian most people tan colored white is more beautiful than the Europeans pale skin redness. Most black no less sweet, Ambonese, Flores and Papua have brown skin color but not as black Africans. Fitting brown color. Brown-black color looks more adorable and sweet than white. Brown skin is more cool, sexy and exotic. In the United States people are considered handsome brown and white female students preferred the US.

Other advantages of our skin that is more resistant to ultraviolet radiation. In our bodies there is a substance called melanin that makes our skin brown. Melanin has the primary function of protecting the epidermis and dermis of the dangers of ultraviolet radiation.

MISS World 2009, Kalane Aldortno birth of Gibraltar, in the European area southwest near the waters of Spain, praised the Indonesian women who have a type and skin color are beautiful. He was so fond of Indonesian women who have a lot of skin color. Because, in his birthplace almost all women are colored dark and tanned skin. “In my country might color like this is better known as the Mediterranean. So, when he saw the skin of Indonesian women of various type and color, there are white, yellow, brown, and dark, I So rather Iri. Moreover, everything looks smooth and like shine, “said Kalane when met on the sidelines of his visit at the election of Miss Indonesia 2010 in a shopping center at Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta.

Small nose sweeter.
The average Indonesian nation has a small nose. If the sharp-nosed also beautiful not too big. Other nations such as Europe and Iran nose very sharp and long, even do plastic surgery to “cut and shortened nose. The nose Indonesia are sharp minor was seen as a perfect nose. People Indonesia flat-nosed was actually making the face becomes sweeter.

In the futuristic films often portrayed an alien that has evolved perfectly. Described aliens have a nose that is so small and snub nose even arguably only a small hole, maybe in the future of the oxygen content in the air is very thin. With a small nose also humans have been prepared to deal with air pollution. We can imagine how hard we wear masks in the middle of the air pollution suppose we semancung nose elephant nose.

Another advantage of the small-nosed vision range of the snub-nosed wider than nosed because it does not obstruct the eye. Nose is too sharp eyes can impair vision because of blocked nose aquiline.

Indonesian people look more youthful.
Compared with individuals of the same age of white ethnicity (Caucasian), African, Latin and Arabic, then we the Indonesian people blessed by God with the privilege of a more youthful look. Indonesian people’s skin is relatively thick and the composition of the collagen fibers are much richer. Therefore, wrinkles and skin laxity that happens to be much lighter than white ethnicity. The aging process is characterized by a decrease in the elasticity of collagen fibers; the white ethnic composition of collagen fibers less it will look older faster than Indonesia.

Indonesian people tend to look younger than actual age. Indonesian people can be looked younger than 5 to 10 years of ethnic European, Arab or African. Indonesian man aged 30 years, in Europe could be mistaken as young as 20 years ..

Smaller, more sophisticated body.
Usually people consider higher posture and large, in the evolution interpreted as a signal of higher quality genetic resources. Also people are taller, interpreted to have a better quality of health. Yet we know that the actual sophisticated tools typically are smaller, lighter and efficient place.