Jakarta – policy of ban on the use of United States dollars (US) in transactions in the country has been running a few months. How will the results of this policy?

Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) said Ronald Waas, the effect of policies to help the rupiah can be seen after a period of transition and adjustment by operators completed.

“Still go on, as of 1 July, the new force, so it remains to be seen. We need to talk in more detail. There are companies that must adjust first. Which is still allowed to use foreign currency, which are not,” said Ronald met at the exchange BI dime in Monas Square, Central Jakarta, Monday (07/06/2015).

Post-enactment of the prohibition policy of the US dollar, said Ronald, every day BI received numerous letters on demand businesses must use currency clarity.

“We have received a request in the day dozens of letters to ask what this usahan be what not wearing dollars. So we of BI and the government team of the details need to see more clearly what transactions are allowed to use the dollar,” he said.

Ronald continued adjustment period to determine which companies are still allowed to use foreign currency and must be completed.

“It’s concerning the economic dimension. In the country 52% traksaksi use foreign currencies, especially the dollar. It is valued at US $ 74 billion per year, the level of dollarization has gone too far. It must end,” he said.